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Imelsan 6-10 kVA Online Series

Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Uninterruptible Power Supplies

  • Imelsan 10 KVA

                      Imelsan EA910 series Online Uninterruptible Power Supplies are designed with the technology of IGBT, PWM and DSP control for high-tech equipments that used in different sectors and Medium-sized Office usage. It provides maximum protection with microcomputing feature. It has advanced communication options and full sinus wave out that provide energy efficiency and power factor. It can be watched easily and clearly, by Big LCD scene and LED light.


           - DPS controlled online UPS

    1. Real sinus wave output, Online UPS,
    2. 176Vac ~ 276 VAC  wide input voltage
    3. Double conversion
    4. N+1 Redundant paralel function (6-10 KVA) (3)
    5. Maximum security by means of CPU Control
    6. PFC function
    7. Static Bypass property
    8. Cold Start
    9. Communication via RS-232 port
    10. Power factor regulation on entry
    11. Excess load and short circuit protection
    12. Automatic self-test feature
    13. Energy conservation with  high efficiency
    14. SNMP support (optional)
    15. Manuel Bypass
    16. Changing Blower speed according to load ( Smart fan )
    17. extra Battery (optional)
    18. LCD and LED display that show Battery, Frequency, loading,input, output
    19.  Advanced Battery Management (ABM)
    20. EMI/RFI
    21. Free UPS administrative software
    22. Full warranty during 2 years
    23. Certificate of CE, ISO 9002

    Guarantee of Spare parts during 10 years

Uninterruptible Power Supplies
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