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Uninterruptible Power Supplies


  • IMS 300LO Series 10-80 kVA

                    Imelsan 300 Lo series are the uninterrupting power supplies that are produced via the PWM and IGBT technology. They have microprocessor-controlled, pure sinewave output. IMELSAN 300 Series UPS systems protect  local Networks, communication systems,sensitive medical devices, intelligent engineering measuring devices and industrial automation systems.

  • »Galvanic isolation transformer at the inverter output
    » efficiency  Up to 91%
    »Static by-pass
    »Emergency off switch connection
    » the opportunity to adjust detailed monitoring and user-defined parameter via5 buttons and an LCD.
    »3 microprocessor-controlled: Motherboard, Rectifier board and optional parallel card
    »128 event memory (5000 alarms)
    »Calendar and clock display
    », automatic and manual battery test via Advanced battery management
    » superior performance at Non-linear loads (computer load)
    »Contact simulation mode for testing
    »modem connection (AT command set)
    »Communication and remote monitoring and operating systems to automatically and securely close the RS232 communication port and a dry contact outputs
    » input and output values according to the needs
    »SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) compatible communication
    »Compatible with international standards
    »2-year guaranty
    »Spare parts supply
    » the production  with TUV and ISO9002 quality assurance system


Uninterruptible Power Supplies
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