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  • IMS DS300 DSP Uninterruptible Power Supplies

        Prominent features of DS300 IMS series
    They are designed and manufactured with the thought of an environmentalist, energy saving efficiencies today and in the future, showing the various loads, high-performance, energy expenditure was controlled power supply, uninterruptible power smart way to by-pass backup function, due to the modular internal structures respond to the demands of different customers, the touch such as graphical front-panel options, physical structures to be small, high-performance data communication, intelligent features such as maintenance management, and very quickly come to the fore managed by the DSP.

Environmental design and production,
Company with 30 years experience, has certificates of  ISO14001 and ISO9002. For this reason, at the time of design and production are moved completely environmentally friendly.

Efficient operation,
They are Uninterruptible power supply devices that are running non-stop,  so energy-saving products should is preferred. Internal circuits, low energy expenditure in interna circuits, to control the power consumption from network are the basic features of DS300 series.

Compatibility to various loads,
the load high crest factor of DS300 series,  provides Uninterruptible power to various loads successfully via the load current limitation, load short-circuit and the performance at regenerative loads

Feature of control energy expenditure from the network
PFC (power factor correcting) in Entries, the value of current drawn from the power supply with IGBT rectifier and current decays continuously are controlled and corrected.

Intelligent by-pass management
Devices are held  during normal operation, and when it is needed, it transfer the load to the network. VAT technology provides  trouble-free operation when the network conditions are bad.

Modular internal structure,

the network into the  devices provides to enable the insertion of the module in many of the devices. Continuous battery test system, smart battery switch management module, the generator control module, and many modules can be added easily to the device.

The user interface
DS300 series that creates a pleasant feeling of control via graphic touch front panel, provide LCD alphanumeric panel option to users .

Storable  light devices,

DS300 series have the small number of electronic component because of DSP control. Besides, the physical dimensions of cabinets are small and the devices are light.

High-performance data communications,

Devices can easily be monitored and controlled at computing environment. Multiple serial communication ports, SNMP, MODBUS, TCP / IP, email, SMS, pager, offers users several communication options, such as remote monitoring panel.

Intelligent maintenance management,

Device provides service call for maintenance according to occupancy, alerting users to the maintenance times..

DSP control,
DSP (Digital Signal Processor) has the capable of very fast arithmetic operations. It replaces of microprocessors today.they can decide according to the situation and create a very fast signals. DSP DS300 series UPS is governed by at least 3 different DSP.
In general, DS300 series uninterruptible power supplies are designed in accordance with today's technology. They  can be monitored and controlled by computers.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies
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