External Power Accessories

For the duration of the needed power; External Battery Solutions are available. Is determined by the number of working hours are needed for the piece, so it does not require much calculation.

External Service Bypass Panel
External service power supply to the system service charge shall keep interruptions. This allows you to operate deductions conditions are avoided and that the technical staff. Work safety and continuity of this election will be ensured and guaranteed.

APC Management Accessories

PowerChute ® Network Closing
Closing PowerChute Network, Server provides secure closure of the end user, inform, management reserves the right memory for the examination of files. This shut-off software for Windows NT, Netware, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and many other software can be used.

Web / SNMP Management Card
APC Silcon Web / SNMP Management Card APC Silcon Series of all Internet page gives izlenebilme and control. Uninterruptible Power Supply Telnet, SNMP (NMS Management Plan) can be controlled via the.

MasterSwitch ™
The Master Switch network power controller, remote servers, networks, or modems sequences between the devices without the need to place service calls for intervention can easily start again. MasterSwitch to eight (8) as well as independent power makes possible to remotely control channel.

Out-of-Band Management Card
Out-of-Band Management Card, provided by the user by means of modems, detailed Uninterruptible Power Supply provides access to information, the ability to power facilities and devices connected to remote call occurs provides secure remote can start again. Users even when the server crashes or power outages can communicate with Uninterruptible Power Supply. Out-of-Band Management Card provides remote power management via serial or modem connection.

Environmental Monitoring Card
Environmental Monitoring Card Uninterruptible Power Source's the environment temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions PowerChute Plus software, Out-of-Band Management Card, Web / SNMP Management Card or remotely via SNMP Agents tracks



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