Imelsan Automatic Servo Regulators

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Uninterruptible Power Supplies

    IMELSAN SEVO 33 SERIES 3-150 Kva

    Imelsan Servo Voltage Regulator, is produced as 1 phase kVA - 30 kVA single-phase and three-phase kVA - 300 kVA three-phase power range and also 150 VAC - 250 VAC input voltage range, and as standard production up to 2000 kVA power and in accordance with 90 VAC to 280 VAC input voltage values produced in the private manufacturing.  2-years and 3-years guaranty options are available. İmelsan Fully Automatic Servo Voltage Regulators adjust electrical voltage changes as constant voltage automatically. Electromechanical or passive and active components are used. Servo Voltage regulators make comparisons between internal reference voltage and the actual output voltages at the time of operating. regulated elements use several kinds of amplifier to control. Negative feedback servo control loop is created. If the output voltage is too low, control element commands to produce a high voltage.
    If the input voltage is too high, it command to keep the output voltage constant
    . Electro-mechanical regulators are used in the AC power distribution lines.


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      Reasons for preference:
      - Wide input voltage range,
      - Stable and continuous operation,
      - Safe and proven system,
      - Continuous, fast and easy service,
      - Simple structure and rich spare parts,
      - Economic costs and cheap service,
      - Silent operating
      - High efficiency,

      Imelsan Servo Voltage Regulators are electronic voltage regulators produced for the purpose of prevent damage of voltage drop or voltage rise to the electrical and electronic equipment in home, office and factory.
      Selection of regulator is made depending on measurement of power and the speed of stabilise.
      Single-phase Servo Regulator models make adjustment with  100 V/ sec. Speed, and  Three-phase Power Regulator models make adjustment with about 80 V / sec. Speed. If you need more speed, Microprocessor Power Regulator or Static Regulator should be preferred.

      Servo regulators can be manufactured in different input voltage ranges. As a standard 150 VAC - 250 VAC Power Regulator models can be changed in the range of 90 VAC - 300 VAC.

      »Setting Range: 200 V / 400 V
      »275 V / 450 V
      »Power: 3 KVA - 150 kVA
      »Phase: Three Phase
      »Voltage: 380 VAC
      >> operating  Range: 200 VAC - 400 VAC
      »275 VAC - 450 VAC
      »Frequency: 50 Hz
      »Phase: Three Phase
      »Voltage: 380A VAC ± 1%
      »Frequency: 50 Hz

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