Imelsan Automatic Servo Regulators

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Uninterruptible Power Supplies

             Imelsan Servo Voltage Regulators are electronic voltage regulators produced for the purpose of prevent damage of voltage drop or voltage rise to the electrical and electronic equipment in home, office and factory.
    Selection of regulator is made depending on measurement of power and the speed of stabilise.
    Single-phase Servo Regulator models make adjustment with  100 V/ sec. Speed, and  Three-phase Power Regulator models make adjustment with about 80 V / sec. Speed. If you need more speed, Microprocessor Power Regulator or Static Regulator should be preferred.

    Servo regulators can be manufactured in different input voltage ranges. As a standard 150 VAC - 250 VAC Power Regulator models can be changed in the range of 90 VAC - 300 VAC.


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